Don’t be fooled by the photos. I work in normal houses too.

Budget isn’t everything. Some of the things I’ve made for clients were really fun, but not essential. If your pockets aren’t deep or you’re renovating to sell, even small touches can make a big difference.

The first step is to figure out what you want to achieve, and how much you’re willing to spend. We can then be honest with each other as we assess which areas need the most attention, and prioritise those areas in the budget.

I can work with existing features and furniture to make the most of what you already have and reduce costs. My hand-picked team of professionals are on hand with quotes for the rest. You might be pleasantly surprised by how competitive they are.

(Of course, if you want to use your own people, that’s fine too.)

Private home ♦ Somerset ♦ ££

Commercial ♦ Somerset ♦ £

Private home ♦ Gloucestershire ♦ ££

Private home ♦ South Africa ♦ £££

Private home ♦ Somerset ♦ ££

Commercial ♦ Somerset ♦ £££

Private home ♦ Somerset ♦ ££